Catering Foil & Films

Bryson supply an extensive range of traditional cutter box foils and films under the caterwrap™ brand.
Our products are not only used within the catering and food industries, but includes industries such as pharmaceutical, scientific, hair and beauty:

Aluminium foil products, available in a variety of widths, lengths and gauges.

Low migration cling film (LMF) with excellent cling properties, available in a variety of widths, lengths and gauges.

Baking parchment, premium quality, ideal for fat free baking, there is no need to grease cake tins, baking sheets or the parchment itself. Ideal for use as a lining parchment.

Greaseproof paper, having a natural barrier to fatty foods makes it an ideal product for wrapping fatty foods and cold meats, ideal for keeping foods fresh whilst allowing products to breathe.

Caterwrap™ products are packaged in tamper proof cartons and are all designed for easy dispensing.

Most products are held in stock in our Nottingham warehouses.

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