PVC Shrink Film

Bryson are the sole distributor of SEDAT TAHIR, formally LINPAC, PVC Shrink Films in the UK and stock hold 1000's of rolls in our Nottingham warehouses.

PVC is an economical way of shrink wrapping a wide variety of products, achieving varying degrees of shrinkage, depending upon customers specific applications.

  • PVC is produced in Centre Fold and Single Wound form
  • Widths ranging from 200mm wide up to 1000mm wide
  • Standard shrink Ratio's being 30/30 & 40/40, however we can produce as low as 20/10, 20/20
  • For anything more specific, ie. 40/20, 40/30 for wrapping products such as gift wrap etc, please get in touch
  • Produced in thickness's of 12.5, 15, 18, 19, 23, 25, 38 & 40µm
  • And more recently 50µm with 200mtrs for Centre Fold and 400mtrs for Single Wound


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