Shrink Bags

Bryson Shrink Bags, get to know the second skin for your high-quality product.

Our ASB bags increase the shelf life of your products with a virtually “invisible” packaging and make them look good as well. Given its thin multifunctional film structure, outstanding shrinking properties, excellent transparency and exquisite shine, this packaging comes with a whole host of advantages.

Even in total thicknesses of 40 µm to 120 µm the special film structure and selected high-barrier materials made of polyamide and EVOH or PVDC guarantee excellent puncture resistance, low leaker rates and long-lasting protection. At the same time, the product is given an exquisite shine to enhance its presentation. In processing, sealing can be provided in the form of an overlap to cut production time.


  • Round or straight bottom seal.
  • Side seal.
  • Available lose or taped.
  • Transparent or tinted.
  • Printable

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